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we have graduated many restavek children in servitude

Our Use Of Imagery And Media

In our efforts to improve the lives of Restavek girls, we have made a conscious decision to refrain from showing images of their suffering in our media.  We want to transmit the story of these mostly girl children, sent into domestic servitude by impoverished rural families, to the world. But we feel that using words […]

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In Need of a New Normal

In Need of a New Normal

One of the hallmarks of advancing societies is the ability to evolve as new insights are made. Although the fleshing out of this might look differently for each culture, one trademark that seems to be an essential underpinning to success is, the respect for preserving basic human rights for all their citizens. When societies do

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Laws Protecting Children In Haiti

  In accordance with these international conventions, Article 335 of the Haitian labor code prohibits the employment of minors below the age of fifteen. Furthermore, an Act passed in June 2003 specifically outlawed the placement of children into restavèk service and the abuse and maltreatment of children generally.   Haiti is party to the Universal

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