What’s the meaning of Restavek?
A Restavek is an unpaid child worker away from parents’ home and enduring abuse. Read more.
Haiti’s Restavèk Phenomenon
Haiti’s Restavèk Phenomenon
Overview: Haiti’s Restavèk Phenomenon By: Megan Ward Following the 2010 earthquake, thousands of individuals in Haiti were displaced from their Read more.
In Need of a New Normal
Human rights One of the hallmarks of advancing societies is the ability to evolve as new insights are made. Although Read more.
Results Stacking up for Human Rights Efforts so far
Great volunteers are enabling growth
I never really speak enough about the fact that volunteers are the engine of Ayiti Now Corp. I love the Read more.
Results Stacking up for Human Rights Efforts so far
Human Rights Headway Being Made for Haiti’s Most Vulnerable?
  As many people know, Haiti has a plethora of issues to contend with.  From poverty to rebuilding the country Read more.
Give Miami Day 2016
Give Miami Day 2016 is almost here! The largest annual giving event in the region. Donations will be accepted from Read more.
Haiti: Child Domestic Labour vs Education
      In Haiti, like in many other developing countries, a formal education is highly valued. However, 61% of Read more.
Child Domestic Labor in Haiti
Child Domestic Labor in haiti: Characteristics, Contexts and Organisation of Children’s Residence, Relocation and Work FAFO 2002 https://www.haiti-now.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Life-as-a-Child-Domestic-Worker-in-Haiti-FAFO-2005.pdf Read more.
Ayiti Now Corp ICT program haiti
Computer Literacy
We are fundraising to start this program.  Some examples of online freelancing are: virtual assistant, document translator, data-entry, answering service, Read more.
Measures of Effective Teaching Project
Nine Principles for Using Measures of Effective Teaching:
  The Measures of Effective Teaching Project (MET) is a research collaborative of academicians, teachers, and education organizations committed to Read more.