Child Domestic Labor in Haiti
Child Domestic Labor in haiti: Characteristics, Contexts and Organisation of Children’s Residence, Relocation and Work FAFO 2002 Read more.
Ayiti Now Corp ICT program haiti
Computer Literacy
We are fundraising to start this program.  Some examples of online freelancing are: virtual assistant, document translator, data-entry, answering service, Read more.
Measures of Effective Teaching Project
Nine Principles for Using Measures of Effective Teaching:
  The Measures of Effective Teaching Project (MET) is a research collaborative of academicians, teachers, and education organizations committed to Read more.
Infographic Ending Restavek Child Domestic Servitude
Haiti’s Model Communities Ending Restavek Child Domestic Servitude. The results of an evaluation of the Freedom for Haiti’s Children. Infographic Read more.
Measuring Monetary Poverty In Haiti
Poverty in Haiti: The country of Haiti has almost always been classified as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and Read more.
Ayiti Now Corp - Energy Storage Entrepreneurship
Portable Solar Energy Storage Systems
Portable Energy Storage Systems Based on the Fe Battery technology and perfect IT resource integration capacity, we can offer the best solution Read more.
Restaveks, Entrepreneurship and Solar Energy
Solar to Device Solar Energy Demand In Haiti, there is high demand  and low supply of electricity. The provision of Read more.
Did the State Department help suppress the minimum wage in Haiti?
Memos from 2008 and 2009 obtained by Wikileaks strongly suggest, but don’t prove without a doubt, that the State Department Read more.
How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement
Poverty is a word that is saturated with a great amount of uneasiness. What does it mean for a child Read more.
American occupation of Haiti
Why Haiti fared so much worse than the rest of the Americas? and DR?
1500 Before the Haitian independence of 1804, brutal slavery went on for 300 years. During slavery the only institutions and Read more.