Your Donation Enables Opportunity

Your donations fund the Book Bank program and the Residential School project.

The Residential School will empower former Restavek girls by providing secure housing, mental health, an accelerated education program, and business incubation. The Residential School will prepare them to overcome extreme poverty and achieve economic security.

Donate: Give Restavek Girls a Chance to Attend the Residential School


Haiti Now is dedicated to empowering Haitian girls living in domestic servitude to overcome poverty and exploitation and achieve economic security.

Our Vision

To see girls in domestic servitude overcome extreme poverty, heal emotional trauma, and live rewarding lives.

With your generous donation, we are able to provide safe housing, mental health, education, and business incubation to Restavek girls  Thank you!

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Why the Residential School?

Specialized effort and programs are needed under one roof to overcome centuries of injustice and discrimination fueling extreme poverty and domestic servitude.

Our Residential School’s housing replaces the exploitation for food and shelter.

Our Residential School’s mental health program promotes healing from trauma.

Our Residential School’s accelerated curriculum will allow girls to achieve a 6th-grade diploma in 3 years.

Our Residential School’s business incubator will invest in the girl’s path to economic security.

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