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The Data Team

Haiti Now is a data-driven organization. We use data as critical evidence to help inform and influence our strategy and also to help formulate solutions for the Restavek problem.

The Data Team at Haiti Now came into existence about a year ago. It started with the goal of learning more about the Restavek situation from the data collected by reputable* institutions. It wasn’t exactly easy to form this team of equally enthusiastic like-minded people who were pulsating to come up with visualizations (or vizzes - that’s how we address our creations☺) which would depict the truth of this exploited section of Haiti. Once the team started building up under Alex and the able leadership of Gauri, there was simply no looking back!   Click here to see all our visualizations.

What We Do

Data team workflow

About the Team:-

We are currently a team of 11 Data Analysts (some of them are data scientists too), 2 Validators and a Project Manager.
The team exhibits an abnormal amount of intellectual curiosity, passion for numbers and a great eye for effective representation of data.

These data mavericks are focused, dedicated and fun!
In short, we make sure that we get the numbers, intention, and representation of facts right on dot!

Our Analysts

Data Scientist.

Gauri Phatak is a Data Scientist. Her hobbies change with Portland seasons so it can be anywhere from hiking to baking to gardening to water sports to binge-watching Netflix. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and a cat.

passion for using data analytics

Drew M. is a merchandising professional who has a passion for using data analytics for social good. When he's not coding, he can be found cooking, hiking, or exercising.

MBA in business intelligence

Chris Hires is a volunteer data analyst.  After graduating with his MBA in business intelligence, he became a full time operational analyst at NetJets. In his spare time you can find him traveling the world, cooking, or fly fishing.

Information Technology

Lakshmi Vaidiyanathan is a curious George kind of person, who loves to explore things. She grew up in suburban India. Studying Information Technology lead to her travel to US. One of her favorite hobbies is trying different Groupon offers. Currently, she is taking Anti-Gravity yoga classes.

Safety and Sustainability

Matt Halperin grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but currently lives in Los Angeles where he works in Safety and Sustainability at Fox Networks Group. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and tennis, as well as going to the dog park with his dog. He is no longer with the organization.

Data Scientist

Rodolfo Ilizaliturri Data Scientist by profession, a gym rat by enthusiasm, learner by fascination!

materials engineering

Yan Lu is a graduate student majoring in materials engineering at Ohio State University. He joined this team in Aug 2018 as a volunteer. He is truly impressed by the mission of this organization. He enjoys reading and hiking in his leisure time. His contributions in the Earthquake category are noteworthy. He is no longer with the organization.

data analyst

Kateryna Dvotovkina is a BI developer and data analyst. She’s fond of creating beautiful visualizations and working with data. She feels great to help people and to do the work she likes.

Vinothini Pushparaja is a data science graduate student who is working towards becoming a Data Scientist. In her spare time, Vino enjoys spending time with a book in her hand. She also loves taking a stroll outdoors every day and doing yoga.

data analyst

Leondra James Los Angeles-based data analyst and data science enthusiast with a background in operations research field, primarily within the entertainment and financial industries. Originally from Columbus, OH, her interests lie in the simple things like video games, board games, sci-fi, prog-rock, and hiking. She is no longer with the organization.

Our Validators

Our Project Manager


Jignesh Shah Jignesh is a team player, an engineer and a problem solver who believes in humanity.

data to gain insights

Vasundhara Misal loves using data to gain insights on the various facets of the world and thus solve numerous problems through its use. In her spare time, she loves to sketch/paint and solve Sudoku.

Project Manager

Peony Patnaik Change is a constant in her life and she believes in the philosophy of “Live and let live”. Having worked in multiple management and leadership roles, she’s passionate, optimistic and result-oriented but likes getting things done her way! She is a social media buff, loves pampering her dog and baby girl, playing basketball, dancing, traveling, anchoring shows and volunteering for causes she believes in.

New Joinees (Bio to be updated soon) –

  • Amanda Philip Lopes
  • Elise Nguyen