Haiti Now invites Haitian women survivors of domestic servitude in Haiti to share their powerful experiences and stories of survival. You can help change the way people think about and respond to domestic servitude.


Survivors will be interviewed and recorded for publication. Interviews may be either in-person or virtually through Skype or other technologies.

We ask survivor volunteers to:
— Be ready to engage with the interviewer for a discussion in either English or Creole;
— Should the interview be in person (Miami area), be available to meet with the interviewer at a convenient location;
— Should the interview be conducted virtually, have access to a smartphone or PC with camera and internet;
— Make time for the interview (about two hours);
— Sign a release to allow Haiti Now to publish the interview.

powerful experiences and stories of survival

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We’ll be in touch within 48 hours and set up a time to discuss further. If you have any questions, please use the registration form below or send us an email with your questions to survivor @

Message From Alex Lizzappi

I believe you are the only voice that can legitimately speak about domestic servitude. I cherish and value your story of surviving domestic servitude and I am committed to listening and learning from you so we can grow Haiti Now into a powerful force for good dedicated to girls in domestic servitude.


Since its inception, Haiti Now has worked with children in domestic servitude providing access to education. Haiti Now is today focused its efforts on Haitian girls, aged 6 to 17, living in domestic servitude as its target population, and is planning a tailored program in a purpose-built facility where Restavek girls can take control of their lives and serve as mentors in their family and communities.


To support this mission, Haiti Now is organizing a series of interviews that illuminate to the general public the experiences of survivors of domestic servitude. I believe that each experience is unique and to be valued, and that the voice of each survivor can enable others to understand and take action to empower the girls in domestic servitude.


Thank you,
Alex Lizzappi
Founder & CEO of Haiti Now