The Safe House is also a Learning Center

Thousands of Haitian girls as young as five years old work as unpaid domestic servants for hosting households. Poverty, conflict, or natural disaster can drive parents to place their children with host families in the hopes of giving them access to education and a better future. When children arrive in these new homes, however, they endure hunger, neglect, and abuse. These children have no place they can truly call home. These girls are often known as “restavek”.

We can help. Our first priority is to help reintegrate children with their families whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are many times when this isn’t possible. Thus, Haiti Now is raising funds to build a safe house for Restavek girls. This will be the Housing & Learning Center. No matter what a child’s situation, we will support them as they recover and guide them to a more secure future.

A Place to Call Home

Caretakers will create a safe and welcoming environment for all the girls. They’ll make daily reports on the children’s activities and mental health to ensure their wellbeing. The Housing & Learning Center is more than just a school, it’s a community. This will be a place they can finally call home.

Vital Services and Support

The Housing & Learning Center will provide full healthcare, both physical and mental, to every resident. Our programs specialize in helping Restavek recover from malnutrition and trauma.

Specially Trained Caretakers

All our staff is licensed with extensive ongoing training. Our caretakers uphold a rigorous code of conduct. The staff supervises afterschool educational and recreational activities that facilitate the growth and development of the girls. They ensure safety and provide guidance to the children under their care.

Family Reintegration

We help girls to reconnect with their families whenever possible. Our objective is to foster healthy relationships between the girls and their relatives.

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