The Residential School is a Safe House

Thousands of Haitian girls work as unpaid domestic servants for other households. They are often known as “restavek” because they have been sent away by their families at a young age. Poverty, conflict, or natural disaster can drive parents to place their children with host families in the hopes of giving them access to education and a better future. When children arrive in these new homes, however, they do not receive what was promised. Instead, they endure hunger, neglect, and abuse. These children have no place they can truly call home.

We can help. Haiti Now is raising funds to build a safe house for girls in servitude. This safe house is the Residential School. Whenever possible, our first priority is to help reintegrate the children with their families. Yet in many cases, no such reunion can happen, which is why the Residential School serves as a necessary haven for the most vulnerable of these girls. No matter what their situation, we will support our girls as they recover from their pasts and go on to lead secure futures.

A Place to Call Home

Caretakers will create a welcoming and safe environment for their girls. Through daily reports on the children’s activities and general mental health, we can ensure their wellbeing. The Residential School is more than just an educational facility; it is a community in which girls can learn and grow. This is a place they can finally call home.

Vital Services and Support

The Residential School will provide full healthcare access to each resident. This includes care for both physical and mental health. Our programs specialize in helping Restavek recover from experiences such as malnutrition and trauma. With healthy minds and bodies, all girls will have the chance to reach their full potential.

Specially Trained Caretakers

Caretakers lead the Residential School. All of our staff are licensed and receive extensive, ongoing training. They design and supervise activities that facilitate the growth and development of Restavek girls. As guardians, they provide security and guidance to the children under their care. Our caretakers uphold a rigorous code of conduct. To ensure that they enact our values, we select only the top candidates and train them with great care.

Family Reintegration

We help girls to reconnect with their families whenever possible. As mediators, we foster more healthy relationships between the girls and their relatives.

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