What is the Residential School

Haiti Now is fundraising to build a "Residential School" to support former Restavek girls. The facility will include a safe house and school that nurture the wellbeing and mental health of all our residents. In this environment of protection and healing, the girls will begin to transition out of poverty through our accelerated education and business programs.

Most importantly, Restavek girls at the Residential School will no longer have to fear exploitation or abuse. They will have a safe place to learn and grow, a place they can finally call home.

Why We Need a Residential School

Haiti Restavek girls need specialized programs to overcome poverty, exploitation, and trauma. We will provide a compassionate community, quality education, business incubation opportunities, and global citizenship skills. In this environment, each girl can begin a future of economic security.

We will take an engaged, hands-on approach for each girl at the school. We will ensure high-quality education and care through ongoing training, psychological support, and daily documentation by the staff. The Residential School experience will level the playing field for Restavek girls. Here, we will create opportunities for them to take control of their own lives as well as contribute to their families and communities once they leave the school.

Every Restavek girl deserves safety and dignity

How We Measure Growth

We will document, monitor, and evaluate our students’ growth through a curriculum that emphasizes academic progress as well as social-emotional learning. Multiple rubrics used throughout the education process allow us to ensure the effectiveness of our teaching methods and adapt to specific challenges. With a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio, the school provides individualized education to meet each girl’s academic needs.

Onsite mental health professionals will attend to and monitor the girls’ psychological and emotional development. Their emotions are recorded daily and the necessary support is given for them to prosper. We have mental health experts on site. Regardless of the issue, we are here to support the girls however we can.

How the Residential School Will Work

Getting Started

We are committed to creating a learning environment that safeguards a child’s rights.

  • Child Protection
  • Family History
  • Health Screening


Students will be provided with safe living arrangements & trained caretakers.

  • Licensed Caretakers
  • Solar Energy/Water Wells
  • Nutrition

Mental Health

Our professional staff will work with the students to observe, treat and heal.

  • Group & Individual Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Child Development

Accelerated Education

A balanced program where students can develop critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Accelerated Curriculum
  • Specialized Teachers and Pedagogy
  • Social Emotional Learning & Cognitive Skills
  • A Program Including: Farming, Digital, Business, and Human Rights Curriculums

Business Incubation

Students are provided with the training to become independent and empowered earners.

  • Ownership, Leadership, Teamwork
  • Vocational Opportunities & Business Planning, Asset-Specific Training
  • Business Micro-Loans

Explore the Plans for the Residential School

In collaboration with experienced professionals, including architects and government officials in Haiti, we have worked for 3 years to create a vision and detailed plan for the school and safe house.

We have a full 3D model of the facility. Click here to explore more.

Child Protection

Children’s rights are of the utmost importance. Our staff recognizes that Restavek children are often survivors of abuse and may need significant support in order to feel safe in a new environment. We carefully select and train all our staff to ensure child protection at every level. Our expert staff understands the children’s trauma and can help them move past it with compassion.

In all of our work, we consider the children that we serve as our partners. It is our mission to empower them so that they can freely express and develop their amazing potential. In this way, their self-esteem increases, and they can better identify their own talents. They are the true heroines, who deserve to receive proper care in all aspects of life.

On the Way to ...

We have created a 3-phase plan to get us to our goal in steps. We are still on the first Phase of the project that will allow us to:

Purchase land
Build a smaller portion of the school and residence for 30 girls

Phase 2 will add 35% and Phase 3 will add the final 35% of the facility. Learn more about our financial statements & Donate now to help us move on.

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