Questions about the status of education

What questions about education are relevant to understand the competitive gap between the world and Haiti?


Currently the notion of education is stretching with the need of early education and multiple master degrees.

How much of this idea is a response to socio economic needs?
How much and how are we investing in the quality of education?
How are we discovering quality in a humanistic context? and not as a social remedy to productivity and social order?
How cost has diluted quality? How cost has re-engineered educational systems and re-invented quality?  
The data about the current state of education are detailing failure and substandard achievements.
What kind of early education incorporates the perspective of the world we want to live in 100 years from now?
What preschool models are delivering the best quality? and what percentage of population can access that?
How are we going to ensure universal access to quality education has a social equalizer?
Who are the professionals working in preschools?