The practice of ‪‎restavèk‬ persists.

a restavek girl writing a list of textbooks borrowed from the book bank Ayiti Now Corp

The practice of restavèk‬ persists. It is estimated that 300,000+ #children‬ are restavèk in Haiti‬, with an additional estimated several thousands restavèk‬ children in the DR‬ Dominican Republic.

The #‎child‬ in the picture‬ wakes up at 4am to run all the chores, ‪#‎she‬ is in charge of all the household‬ work including taking care of the younger‬ children.

While you have seen Ayiti Now Corp #‎recipients over the years‬ in uniforms‬ and in school‬ settings, their ‪‎reality‬ is very traumatic‬. Restavèk‬ are often ‪#‎malnourished, #‎abused and #‎forced‬ to #‎hard‬ #‎labor‬.

In the picture she is ‪#‎writing‬ a list of ‪#‎textbooks‬ #‎borrowed‬ for the school year.

She is 14 years old and starting third grade.