Ayiti Now Corp - The Possible

With the support of our amazing donors, Ayiti Now Corp delivered school books to 218 children in Haiti!

Ayiti Now Corp - Salesforce: The Power Of Technology To Create Social Change

Salesforce capabilities enable us to develop better understandings of the children we work with and what strategies to deploy to reach them according to their specific situations. We are currently working on a free E-Learning platform for the teacher's continuing education. Access to technology is empowering our recipients, this tools are bridges to sustainability and market competitiveness. For more information please visit https://www.haiti-now.org

FAQ: Why Is The School Book Bank In Haiti Necessary?

Ayiti Now Corp explains why the School Book Bank in Haiti is necessary.

Ayiti Now Corp - Mr Edmond Teaches

Small excerpt of the charismatic and dedicated Mr. Edmond teaching his 6th grade classroom at AEMSA, a primary school in Saint Marc, Haiti where Ayiti Now Corp delivers school books and teacher training.

Ayiti Now Corp - Nov 2010 Book Bank Program Video

FAQ: When Did You Do The 1st BOOK BANK Distribution

We started the Ayiti Now Corp school BOOK BANK in November 2010 in a tiny, rural school in Haiti with 71 books.