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No Internet Required

KA Lite is open-source software that mimics the online experience of Khan Academy for offline situations. Running KA Lite as a local server, you can watch Khan Academy videos, do Khan exercises, and track student progress — all without needing an Internet connection!

Over 7,000 Videos and 20,000 Interactive Exercises

KA Lite offers instructional videos from Khan Academy on math, science, history, economics and matches the common core standards.

We provide a diverse collection of math exercises for students that generates immediate feedback, provides step-by-step solutions, and works through a point system to encourage continued practice of material. Download as many as you’d like to see for your installation of KA Lite.

No Internet Required

Customizable for personal, classroom, or school usage

KA Lite has been used individually in various situations, including a home schooling family on their road trip, a classroom full of students in India, and an entire correctional facility in Idaho.

Personal KA Lite use
Classroom KA Lite use
School KA Lite use

Track Performance

Thousands of Exercises and Videos

Self-Paced Learning

Students can work at their own pace, so that advanced learners aren’t held back from reaching their academic potential, and less-advanced learners aren’t left behind.

Individual Feedback

Teachers and parents can view student reports, so that class time can be used to focus on the individual learner’s needs, rather than catering to the average abilities of the class that is standard to traditional education.

Data Syncing

Our online hub allows project administrators to securely view usage data from offline deployments, as well as manage their organizations, facilities, devices, and individual user accounts.

Multiple Languages

KA Lite currently offer videos and exercises in ten different languages, with more on the way:



български език





Le Français



No Internet Required