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Haiti Now has invested in access to education for impoverished children in Haiti since 2010. We partner with community schools to provide a Book Bank. This program has distributed thousands of textbooks to predominantly children in servitude aka Restavek. The Book Bank also provides literacy interventions, teacher training, tuition, housing, healthcare, and food.

Since we mostly work with Restavek we have come to a greater understanding of their trauma over the years. They are barraged from all sides of life with little support. Most organizations focus on awareness, working with host families, encouraging education, and other short-term solutions. This isn’t enough. We need a more long-term solution for Restavek girls. It is for this reason that we are fundraising for the new Learning Center & Safe House.



Our Impact

We collect extensive data about our programs. Our customized applications capture and display data in real-time. Shown here, for example, is the total number of recipients, their gender and background:

What We Have Done

7000 +

Donated Textbooks

Haiti Now established the Book Bank program in 2010. This program has distributed over 7000 textbooks to more than 1300 students.

1300 +

Students Received School Supplies

Over 1300 students received writing utensils, notebooks, geometry sets, and other classroom supplies.

400 +

Students Participated in the Literacy Circle

The Literacy Circle was created to inspire a love of reading in students. Haitian teachers deploy research-proven strategies that improve reading skills, critical thinking, and teamwork.

100 +

Students Received Immunization

Over 100 students received all the immunizations required by the Haitian Ministry of Health.

60 +

Children Were
Medically Screened

Haiti Now has screened over 60 children with unknown or incomplete medical records. This starts with a complete history by cataloging past procedures and medications. Then, a physical exam; TB, HIV, malaria, and syphilis screenings; a chest x-ray, and various mental health screenings are administered.

60 +

Students Received Tuition

Sixty-four students had their tuition paid for grades seven through nine.


Cash Bonuses For Teachers

Eight teachers received thirty-two cash bonuses. Community schools have low revenues and are often unable to pay adequate teachers' salaries. We provided bonuses directly to teachers to subsidize their salaries.


Professionally Trained Teachers

We funded training for eight elementary school teachers. This included teaching techniques, pedagogy, cognitive skills, didactic instruction, professional ethics, school-term planning, curriculum use, classroom management, testing, and French. For further study, we also supplied them with laptops containing educational digital content in French and Creole.


Students Received Support for 1 Year of Housing

We funded eleven students with one year of rented housing. We have also provided funds to the families of Restaveks, school cafeterias, and internally displaced people (IDPs).


Reason to Keeping Fighting;
Education Is a Human Right!

Haiti Now has always advocated for children in servitude with the police, judges, prosecutors, senators, religious leaders, other non-profits, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Data In Real-Time

We started to collect data in 2010. Originally, we were tracking only the textbook distributions and matching textbooks with students’ profiles. Later, we added a grade book, recipients’ academic performance, a mobile app to log attendance, curriculum progression, grading rubrics, notes, and observations. All of the charts below update in real-time as new data is entered into the system or the app.

Recipients by Gender

Recipients by Status

Recipients by Age

Textbook Avg Cost per Grade

Textbook Avg Cost per Subject

Textbook Qty per Subject

Book Distributions by Grade

Book Distributions by Subject

Textbook Qty per Grade

GPAs Above/Below 5

Recipients' Retention Years

GPAs Above/Below 5

Total Students Served

Unreturned Textbooks

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