Program Infographic

How The Residential School Program Works

Overcoming extreme poverty requires deep and wide intervention. These girls are collateral damage of slavery, colonialism, and neo-imperialism. Haiti Now has extensive experience with Domestic Servitude and has designed programs according to the needs of the very girls trapped by extreme poverty and exploitation.

At Haiti Now we believe our recipients deserve our full attention and resources in order to successfully break the cycle of poverty. Join us as we help Restavek girls go from domestic servitude to economic security so they can live a life they deserve.


1 Getting Started

We are committed to creating a learning environment that safeguards the Rights of the Child.

  • Child Protection
  • Family History
  • Health Screening

2 Housing

Students will be provided with safe living arrangements & trained caretakers.

  • Licensed & Protected Housing
  • Licensed Caretakers
  • Energy/Water Independent
  • Nutrition

3 Mental Health

Our professional staff will work with the students to observe, treat and heal.

  • Group & Individual Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Child Development

4 Education

A balanced program where students can develop critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Accelerated Curriculum
  • Specialized Teachers and Pedagogy
  • Social Emotional Learning & Cognitive Skills
  • Farming, Digital, Financial, Human Rights Curriculums

5 Business Incubation

Students are provided with the training to become independent and empowered earners.

  • Ownership, Leadership, Teamwork
  • Vocational Opportunities & Business Planning, Asset-Specific Training
  • Business Micro-Loans

Start a Fundraising Campaign For The Residential School

Mobilizing your social circles through a fundraiser can give Haiti’s most vulnerable children a fighting chance by providing housing, healing, and education for former Restavek girls. Start A Fundraiser     Fundraise On Facebook