Partner with Haiti Now for Social Change and Equity!

We are eager to partner with your organization because we know that we can accomplish more together. Working with Haiti Now will provide you and your employees with an opportunity to take meaningful action. Through virtual volunteering, members of your organization can support racial justice without having to leave home. Your partnership will enable Haiti Now to be more proactive in crises. With a wider reach, we can accomplish more. Employees will feel engaged, empowered, and connected in ensuring that all citizens of this world receive equal protection of their human rights. Join other businesses like American Express, Intel, IBM, Walmart, Chase, and GE that have partnered with Haiti Now. These companies have been matching hours and donations, but there are also many other options to help us in a partnership.


employee volunteering

Employee Volunteering

Employees have the chance to get experience, learn new skills, and make a tangible difference by volunteering.

match volunteering hours with funds

Matching Hours

Many employers match volunteering hours with funds. These grants fuel long-term sustainability for Haiti Now.

Plan an event

Event Planning, Workplace Giving, and Matching Donations

Plan an event at your company. Workplace giving creates a sense of community. Double the impact with matching donations.

donate spare supplies

Product Donation

Donate spare supplies to Haiti Now instead of putting them to waste.

Regardless of how we partner, know that you are making a sizable impact for social change and providing your employees with purpose by working with Haiti Now. You will be joining a fair and impartial international organization focused on improving the welfare of children in domestic servitude.

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