Be Not Only a Donor, But a Fundraiser as Well

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You can raise money to fund a Residential School for girls in domestic servitude. The Residential School is a self-empowering opportunity for girls in domestic servitude to escape extreme poverty. Rally support from your friends and family using one of our two platforms and customize it to the goals you want. Celebrate your life’s joys, give back, and change lives.

How to raise funds successfully

create our own unique pages


You can create your own unique pages: set your goal, fill in personalized info, create page content......

Spread the word


Read more about our programs and spread the word, call, text, message, and post, engage your friends and family.

Invite people to be involved.


Tell them to be either a donor or a fundraiser to help build the Residential School.

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Start a Fundraising Campaign For The Residential School

How to raise funds successfully

create our own unique pages

Take a multi-channel approach to deliver the content by sending one or two emails each week, updating social media channels multiple times each day, and blogging multiple times each week.

Spread the word

Reach out to your inactive supporters and ask them to donate

Invite people to be involved.

In order to run a successful campaign, you must be willing to call people, to take a proactive role in your own success, and to lead with your creativity!

Invite people to be involved.

The closer your campaign gets to its fundraising goal (e.g. 75% raised vs. 25% raised), the more likely supporters will give.

Your Impact

Your fundraising fuels programs that give Haiti’s most vulnerable girls a fighting chance. It saves lives by enabling us to house, heal, and educate former Restavek girls. By contributing to our mission to nurture and protect each girl, you help them to rebuild and transform their futures.

Over 1300

Students Received School Supplies

Over 7000

Textbooks Have Been Donated

Over 60

Children Received Medical Screening

Over 400

Students Participated in Literacy Circle