Expanding Access to Higher Education and Workforce Development

As globalization increases the demand for higher-level skills, a growing number of young people in the developing world find themselves without the relevant knowledge to fully participate in and contribute to economic growth. USAID is helping countries expand equitable access to higher education and workforce development programs, while improving the quality and relevance of these programs.

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Increase access to vocational/technical/higher education and training for underserved and the disadvantaged, including women, persons with disabilities and marginalized ethnic groups.  This includes the provision of merit and need-based scholarships, internships and exchange programs that align with host country development goals.  Improve the quality of higher education and research in support of country development priorities.  USAID promotes public-private partnerships, including university. partnerships and alliances), to deliver skills, and science and technology relevant to market needs.Improve the relevance and quality of workforce development programs.