Empowering People

Alex Lizzappi‘s insight:

@Ajecy thank you for your kind words, there is so much work ahead of us, all of us, we need more competition when comes to really empowering people, we need to be able to speak up and talk on behalf of our recipients, representing their needs and pushing back systems of exploitation…

Empowering People is your “one stop center” for your nurse delegation and education needs. We educate and empower nursing assistants and facility owners to deliver excellence in residential care, a level of quality that would meet our own expectations for our family members.

Empowering People exists to fulfill on the possibility that care will be provided at the same excellent standard at all facilities in the state of Washington by the year 2020. Our main product is people power. We provide this through the following services:

  • Nurse delegation services on a contract basis through the Division of Developmental Disabilities and Aging and Adult Services.
  • Nurse Delegation to private pay clients upon request.
  • Education through DSHS Core Curriculum including Nurse Delegation, Fundamentals of Caregiving, KNOW, Mental Health and Dementia
  • Specialty classes, continuing education and special design classes.
  • Empowerment for facilities through Empowering Facilities. This product is designed with and by our customers on a contracted basis.
  • Comprehensive Assessments and Negotiated Care plans by request from our customers for private pay clients and facility owners.
  • Specialty projects designed with and for our customers.

Our commitment is to empower all people to achieve their maximum potential. We believe that people are differently abled not disabled, and that each person has God given talents. Through inspiration, education, structure, responsibility and accountability, all people have access to their greatness. We expect ourselves to perform beyond the ordinary and inquire consistently about what represents extraordinary service to our customers and ourselves. We believe that the business of caregiving is supported when all care is delivered like we expect care to be delivered to our Mothers and Fathers, We are a demand for what is next and what is missing in the delivery of our services. We deliver results consistently beyond our customers’ expectations.

Our core principle is integrity. We say that without integrity nothing works. We say that workability for everyone is present when people operate from integrity, We define integrity as:

  • Doing what you know to do.
  • Doing what you said you would do.
  • Doing what others would expect you to do even if you have not said that you would do it.
  1. Doing complete work with whatever you are doing.
  2. Doing the work the way the work was meant to be done

We believe that everyone is our client, and as such we empower all of the people we serve. We provide, teach, and expect care to be provided at the level of excellence we would want for ourselves or our loved ones.