Medical Screenings and Vaccinations

We recognize schools to be the natural centers around which communities gather, and as such, the best forum for our awareness programming. Together with Partners In Health, Ayiti Now Corp provides access to medical screenings and vaccinations for marginalized children of poverty and restavek  in Haiti. Only 33 per cent of children under one have been completely vaccinated against preventable diseases (Unicef).


Ayiti Now Corp programs in Haiti Restavek


HIV prevalence remains among the highest in the region at 2.2 per cent, especially for women who make up the highest share of those infected (2.3 per cent against 2 per cent for men). Of an estimated 17,000 children living with HIV/AIDS, only 300 have access to antiretroviral therapy (Unicef). Ayiti Now Corp’s awareness campaigns focus on nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, sexual education, and mentoring. During the school year, local Haitian healthcare professionals provide the implementation of those programs. (Read more on initial medical screenings)

Creole and French speaking volunteers interested in assisting with this program should contact us.


  • The daily diet is often limited due to the extreme poverty conditions. Lunch at the school is the only food many children receive.


  •  Many children die every year as a result of diarrhoea. Lack of accessible clean water and consequent sanitation are difficult problems to solve.  

Sexual Education

  • Teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (Kote ki pa gen dokte Haitian creole) affect Haiti’s children. Many of our recipients are older than the compulsory school age and they face atypical challenges for primary education students.


  • Learning is crucial for development and one of the most powerful tools to break the cycle of poverty.