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Product Description

The Dell M110 “pocket projector” is a small, lightweight projector. Projecting a 1280×800 (720p-capable) native resolution at 300 lumens, the M110 is well-suited conference rooms or classrooms where ambient light is moderately controllable.

The Dell M110 is an excellent performer in hot, harsh environments where power usage is a concern. The LED light source generates less heat and uses less power than typical bulb-based projectors. Cooler operation requires less fan usage, which cuts down on the M110’s susceptibility to dust. The device is also very small and light, making it easier to transport. The performance is adequate, but secondary to the construction and low-power characteristics.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

The M110 represents the best value for a projector that we’ve evaluated in both the short and long term. At initial purchase the specifications are adequate with the M110 pricing at roughly 20-30% below competitors of similar performance. This price point, especially when ordered in volume, is phenomenal. The LED adds exceptional long-term value by removing costly bulb replacements. A standard projector bulb can cost 50% of the cost of a projector and typically need to be replaced every 2,000-3,000 hours. LEDs will last 30,000 hours (over 20 years of use) or longer, most likely never needing replacement and significantly lowering the M110’s total cost of ownership.
The M110 is an incredibly low-power projector, using just 80w when in use. Projectors can use upwards of 300w when in use, in some cases using as much power as the rest of the equipment in a computer lab combined. Considering that low-power desktop computers run on as little as 22w, one 300w projector uses the same amount of power as the M110 and ten desktop computers.
ValueRuggedness / Durability
The M110 is quite durable compared to comparable projectors, owing mainly to the LED light source. Typical projectors use bulbs that require powerful fans for cooling. The LED used by the M110 generates very little heat and requires little fan usage, making it less susceptible to dust and failure from moving parts. Typical projector bulbs are also fairly fragile and can be damaged by drops or rough handling, while solid-state LEDs are far more rugged.