October 2013 Mission To Haiti

Ayiti Now Corp was in Haiti during October 2013. The primary objective was to distribute the textbooks to the restavek recipients. As always I looked for new opportunities to serve the recipients of Ayiti Now Corp. Ayiti Now Corp visited USAID in Port Au Prince and met with the office dedicated to education. In short, it seemed they …

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Learn more about the success of the Haiti Now programs in accelerating Restavek girls' education leading to graduation.

September 2012 Mission To Haiti

We made over 3700 textbooks distributions to children of poverty and Restaveks and invested in their teachers. A Very Special Thank You To Gen Herres And Steve & Carol Murphy For Developing A New Website  

2012 mission haiti

July 2012 Mission To Haiti

On this trip, we were happy to see that 98% of the School Bank books were returned. We collected data regarding the children’s grades and attendance and visited some students at their homes. A summer French class was started this month and also, two teachers enrolled to complete their education. No matter which indicators you pick, Haiti …

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November 2011 Mission To Haiti

The Book Bank now has more than 800 school books. With that many books, they obviously need to be cataloged carefully. One of our strengths is that we also catalog the child recipient’s name, grade and the date the child received it. Principals, teachers, parents, guardians, and recipients are all involved in the protection of …

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