Alex Lizzappi

Amid Haitian Crisis, Opportunity

Amid Haitian Crisis, Opportunity: “When people ask me, as they do all the time, ‘Is there any cause for hope in Haiti?’ I answer yes. It’s more tempting to think that the situation is so hopeless that it can’t any worse, especially right now. Last week, Hurricane Tomas brought three days of heavy storms, causing

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“The People Must Be Agents of Change” |The Lambi Fund of Haiti

“The People Must Be Agents of Change”: The Lambi Fund of Haiti: “Josette Perard is director of Fon Lanbi Haiti, the Haitian counterpart of the Lambi Fund. Fon Lanbi trains, builds capacity of, and gets grants to women’s and small farmer organizations in rural areas. Josette’s perspectives on community development follow. The idea of development

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2010 mission to haiti

November 2010 Mission to Haiti

We are very excited about the Ayiti Now Corp School Book Bank. Last week we delivered the first school books and started new assessments for all of the new recipients and restavek . Photos and videos of the November mission will be available soon. We believe that empowering children with school books is a first step towards better

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