Alex Lizzappi

Unraveling Haiti’s Complex Landscape

1. Historical Influences: 2. Power Dynamics: 3. Resource Extraction and Corporate Activities: 4. Humanitarian Interventions: 5. Role of International NGOs: 6. Foreign Religious Organizations: 7. Links and Relationships: 8. Key Issues and Challenges: 9. Moving Forward: 10. Potential for Positive Change: American Foreign Policy in Haiti To delve into the influence of American foreign policy […]

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Metaverse in Haiti

Education in the metaverse and Haiti

However, there are also opportunities for Haiti to use the metaverse for education, such as providing access to world-class teachers and resources, creating more immersive and interactive learning experiences, and making content more relevant to the culture of children in extreme poverty. By addressing these challenges, the metaverse could be a powerful tool to help children in extreme poverty in Haiti get a better education.

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"The Pedagogy of the Oppressed" by Paulo Freire

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed

In his book, Freire argues that education should be a process of liberation, not domination. He defines education as “praxis,” which is the act of reflection and action. Freire contrasts this with “banking education,” which is a traditional approach to education that sees students as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. He argues that

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21st Century Skills in Haiti

Here are the top 21st century skills for elementary school, along with a brief explanation of each: Critical thinking The ability to think clearly and rationally about a problem or issue, in order to form a judgment. Creativity The ability to generate new ideas or concepts, or to see things in a new or different

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The U.S. has intervened in Haitian politics and economy through military intervention,

Some examples of U.S. foreign policy

Some examples of how U.S. foreign policy has affected Haiti in a negative way throughout history.   Occupation: In 1915, the United States occupied Haiti for nearly 20 years, during which time it imposed economic policies that benefited U.S. businesses but hurt the Haitian economy. The U.S. also suppressed political dissent and imposed a constitution

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