Around the World without Fuel or Fear

Learn how breakthroughs in clean technology can take us to new heights with the explorers who broke the record for the world’s longest solo flight using only solar energy.

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06:40 UTC

Welcome to day 4

Good morning, and welcome to the fourth and final day of our Annual Meeting in

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Highlights of day 1 of Davos 2016:

The Canadian Opportunity. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses Davos.

What’s next for China’s economy? With Christine Lagarde.

How will our lives be changed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution? With Sheryl Sandberg, Paul Kagame and Satya Nadella.

How will businesses be changed by new technologies? With Meg Whitman and Marc Benioff.

How will rapid technological change revolutionize work? With Erik Brynjolfsson and Christopher Pissarides.

What’s the future of financial services? With Gillian Tett and Christine Lagarde.

The best quotes of the day.

The seven best blogs of the day.

06:44 UTC

Welcome to our live blog

Welcome to the first day of Davos 2016. Our live blog will keep you up-to-date on all of the key developments from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

08:55 UTC

World without Fuel or Fear

Al Gore is speaking now in Around the World without Fuel or Fear.

09:16 UTC

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Some more background on the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the theme of our Annual Meeting in Davos:

09:23 UTC

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg this morning:

09:46 UTC

IMF live at Davos

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaking in Davos a short time ago:

13:16 UTC

Technology revolutionizing work

We have a busy few hours coming up now – sessions on technology revolutionizing work and the Chinese economy start in a few minutes. And then in an hour we have our live Facebook interview with John Green as well as an address from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You can follow it all here on the Davos live blog.

13:45 UTC

The impact of technology on jobs

Kevin Spacey is attending Davos, and has been speaking about the impact of technology on jobs:

13:46 UTC

Basic income experiment

Panelists in the session A World Without Work? are discussing the impact technology will have on workers:

You can read more about the idea of a basic income in this blog

John Green – Interview

Our live Facebook interview with John Green is underway.

14:53 UTC

Fighting climate change without sacrificing growth and prosperit

16:34 UTC

Climate crisis is a theme

The climate crisis is a theme running through many Davos sessions. Our blog 5 videos that reveal the human impact on Earth shows how the effects of climate change can be readily seen across the globe.

20:04 UTC

From Migration to Integration

The Open Forum session From Migration to Integration has been looking at how best we can integrate refugees into our communities:

20:05 UTC

Remarks by Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States

US Vice-President Joe Biden has been speaking about the economic impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:


Among today’s sessions, we have The Global Economic Outlook with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and British Finance Minister George Osborne. Then a little later we’re looking at the top science trends for 2016, and what we can do to preseve our humanity in an age of technology.

While you wait for today’s sessions to begin, why not look back at what happened yesterday.