Archbishop Denounces Corruption in Haiti Government

The archbishop of Port-au-Prince Monsignor Guire Poulard Thursday denounced unemployment and corruption in Haiti at the time of the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption celebrated in the town of Petit-Goave.

In a church filled with worshipers, pilgrims from elsewhere and in the presence of government officials, parliamentarians, political leaders, members of civil society, the head of the Catholic church has also sent a message on the evangelization and the reconstruction of the church of the city to celebrate its 350th anniversary.

Here are the highlights of the prelate’s homily:

“Many get rich at the expense of the country. Whether Haitians or foreigners. Unemployment is widespread. Very few people work.

Others make their living from odd jobs and small business.

Our ancestors sacrificed to leave us this earth. We need to rebuild Haiti, making it a true country chasing corruption.

Today, the country is plagued by corruption.

Corruption is worse than AIDS. Leaders must change their behavior fully assuming s responsibilities.

They must be noticed positively.

We need to keep our environment clean. Everyone must participate in the collection of garbage and the fight against filth.

Each person must do something for the community. This is the only way you will feel proud.

Recycling trash can be a source of income for the country. We must turn to this type of profitable business. ”

On the other hand, Bishop Poulard announced the laying of the foundation stone for the reconstruction of the church of Petit-goave destroyed in the earthquake of January 2010.

“The church will always exist. Contribution of each is necessary for the stone bears fruits.

The Virgin Mary is the star of evangelization. She will never abandon his son.

She is a faithful mother, an exceptional and incomparable mother.

We need to pray. because Mary was a woman of prayer. We need to know and build the church.

This church is Jesus and Mary. It is Jesus who founded the church. The church is our mother. When we know the church, we never give up.

We need to bring God into our lives and in our business. We also need to preach the gospel. ”

“That 350 years of Petit-Goave are for Petit-Goaviens the opportunity to change their heart, mind and revive the city on the path of development,” he said.