What Sets Us Apart

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on impact, not numbers. We would rather transform the lives of 100 children than offer inadequate services to 1,000.

Focus On Restavek Girls

Understanding Restavek girls’ unique needs allows us to tailor our efforts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

We Go Beyond “Restavek Awareness”

Simply being aware of the Restavek system and the trauma it produces just isn’t enough. By lifting victims out of the system, we provide real hope and an opportunity for long-term economic security.

Real And Impactful Action

Our comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of problems faced by Restavek girls to achieve long-term, sustainable change.

Investing In Economic Empowerment

We are preparing Restavek girls to become skilled and independent individuals by providing access to consulting services or customized technical advice for entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs; capital in-kind (e.g., inventory) for micro-entrepreneurs; intensive asset-specific training, and regular follow-up visits by an asset specialist and program officer; income generation training and follow-up technical expert advice; formal ownership and control of assets, to improve their productivity and economic security; access to markets and help overcome constraints in meeting demands of supply chains; access to electricity, financial and digital literacy; demand-oriented skills training for marketable skills, combined with on-the-job training and when possible wage subsidies; we want young women who can affect positive change in their communities.

Fully Engaged and Accountable

We are on the ground and take full responsibility for the Restavek girls in our care. We are accountable to our donors and partners and make sure every dollar counts.