How Can I Donate?


We appreciate every donation! Visit our donation page to make a one-time contribution or signup as a monthly contributor. We guarantee every cent will go toward helping Restavek girls.

We accept debit, credit, paypal, google pay, bitcoin through our donation page. We also accept checks by mail.


How Can I Fundraise?


Our online campaign tools highlight many ways you can support our mission. For instance, you can request donations in place of holiday gifts, organize a party or event, or raise pledges through a charity race. You could sell lemonade, organize a community garage sale, or host a bake sale. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!

Visit our fundraising page.


How Can I Volunteer?


Our program depends on amazing volunteers from around the world. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities and would love to have you join our team!

Visit our volunteer page.


How Can I Participate In A Planned Mission?


We plan missions to Haiti throughout the year to observe our efforts, track our progress, and ensure the success of our programs. Although these opportunities are more limited, we would love for you to join us.

Contact us for further details.


How Do I Donate Stock Or Other Financial Instruments?


Please contact us for more information.


How Do I Request A Tax Receipt?


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please contact us for a tax receipt.


How Can I Opt Out of Haiti Now Mailings, Phone Calls, and/or Emails?


Please email us at info.hno@haiti-now.org with “REMOVE” as the subject line.


How Do You Determine The Recipients?


Our program's focus is to aid Restavek girls. We identify girls in need through our experience, contacts, and community outreach. We also receive referrals from the Brigade de Protection des Mineurs and the Institut du Bien-Être Social et de Recherches.


How Much Of My Donation Goes To The Programs?


100% of your donations pay for programs and initiatives to aid girls in servitude.


How Will You Staff The Residential School?


The school will be staffed by licensed teachers trained by a local partner. The safe-house will employ licensed caretakers. The school and safe house will each have its own administrator and share a psychologist. The safe house will also have a chief caretaker on staff.


How Will You Ensure The Safety Of The Safe House?


All residents and personnel will know and actively maintain strict but empowering policies governing rights, duties, and protocols. We will maintain a caretaker to resident ratio of 1:6. Each caretaker will be consistently trained & supported and supervised by the Chief Caretaker. Residents will have access to an in-house psychologist. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against any form of mental or physical abuse or punishment. Caretakers will have direct ongoing communications with our residents that they will document to ensure the best possible care.


How Are Teachers Trained?


Local partners aligned with our pedagogical vision will conduct ongoing training and classroom observation for all teachers.


How Do You Track Your Progress?


Our educational program focuses on verifiable objectives and results that guide and record our progress. Attendance, active participation, appropriate literacy, grading, graduation rates, and teacher satisfaction are the most important measures of our progress.


What will my donations be used for?

100% of donations go to fund our programs. Please review our financials for a breakdown of our budget.


Why Haiti?


When Alex Lizzappi first visited Haiti, he was devastated by what he saw and was compelled to act. The profound poverty and its impact on children were unimaginable. After the devastating earthquake of 2010, he established Haiti Now to help Haiti’s most marginalized population: Restavek girls.


Why Restavek Girls?


Restavek is a derogatory Haitian Creole term meaning “a child who lives with someone else” in a state of abuse. These impoverished children stay with marginally wealthier families and work without pay in exchange for better living conditions and access to school. In reality, they often live in terrible conditions, work for the majority of the day, and are refused an education. Restavek girls are in dire need of a safe home and education. Our programs are designed to help them achieve their full potential and effect continuous improvement in their communities. Read more


Why Accelerated Education?


An accelerated education allows Restavek girls, regardless of age or educational background, to attain a sixth-grade diploma in just three years. Many girls have never attended school before and are older than their classmates. An accelerated education will jump-start their education. Our students will have the opportunity to learn about themselves, build self-confidence, and explore their interests and potential vocations. Our goal is to enable them to become fully independent and successful adults. Learn more.


Why Should I Donate To Haiti Now?


We work directly with our recipients. We have the experience. We’ve developed a strategy based on statistical research and the latest developments in the field. We guarantee 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs. We are transparent, efficient, and committed.


Why Should I Trust Haiti Now?


We collect extensive data to measure our results and track our progress. We manage all financial resources to avoid waste and increase our efficiency. Our life-changing programs are specially tailored to create long-term solutions.


Why Should I Care About Haiti?


Caused by both geopolitics and natural disasters, Haiti’s extreme poverty is ripping families apart. Restavek girls are one of the most vulnerable populations in the world and they need our help in breaking the cycle of poverty, becoming financially independent, and creating a real chance in their communities.


When Did Haiti Now Shift Focus From A Book Bank To Its Current Program?


Although successful, our book bank was limited in the ways it could help Restavek girls. In October 2016, we broadened our efforts to focus on the core of the problem - namely the lack of education and a safe place to live. Our current goal is to open the first residential school and fine-tune an efficient prototype to replicate in the future.


Where Is Haiti Now Located?


We are based in Miami, Florida. Our recipients are Restavek girls in Haiti. Our team is global.


Who Does Haiti Now Serve?


We serve Haiti’s most vulnerable population: Restavek girls. But we couldn’t do it without the support of our volunteers and donors. We also consider ourselves in service to them and pledge to make the most of their efforts and contributions.


Who Is Helping?


Friends, donors, volunteers, sponsors, supporters, and partners enable Haiti Now to fulfill its mission.