Every Restavek Girl Deserves An Education

Restavek children seldom have access to education because of unaffordable tuition, work obligations, and age-grade policies. In rare cases, they can attend school but struggle due to a variety of factors. Malnutrition and exhaustion from abuse at home can make focusing on classes difficult. In addition, they receive little emotional support for the added pressures of their situation. All Restavek children deserve a place to feel secure and get a quality education. They should have the freedom to study, socialize, and sleep soundly at night. 

Haiti Now is investing in an accelerated education program that will allow Restavek girls to develop essential academic, social, and professional skills by the time they graduate. Each girl has a teaching and learning strategy tailored to her that focuses on skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. The Residential School will house the program within a supportive community that prides itself on nurturing its students. Our licensed teachers and staff receive in-depth training to engage with the particular needs of former Restavek girls. Ultimately, our work extends beyond the classroom through leadership programs and community-building workshops that instill self-confidence and cooperation.


Targeted Learning

Our program promotes open dialogue, self-discovery, critical thinking, and problem-solving. With a basis in both traditional knowledge acquisition and inquiry-based learning, our curriculum focuses on skills that apply in the real world.

Exceptional Instruction

Our expert teachers and staff ensure our curriculum exceeds national standards.

Data Driven

Data drives all our decisions about instruction, operation, and ongoing organizational improvement.

Technological Foundation

Each girl will have access to computers, the Internet, and the latest software in order to develop the necessary skills for a future in the global workforce. Further, we view our students as potential creators, rather than just consumers, of technology. We foster their creativity and encourage them to be visionaries in established as well as emerging fields.

School Manager Application Features

Customize School Curriculums

We teach the school subjects mandated by the Haitian Ministry of Education along with a number of electives and extracurriculars. Each student’s progress can be reviewed through our School Manager Application, accessible to every member of staff through an android phone app. The school manager has a wide variety of features for managing students. One of these is a button for curriculums. It contains a system to locate the rubric for each subject’s specific objective. The search fine-tunes from the type of subject to the subject itself, the subject’s general objective, and its specific objective. After the teacher selects the specific objective, they can see a list of all the students enrolled under that objective. There, they can give a grade to each student according to the provided rubric.

Easily Track Student Performance

The school manager also has a button for grades. The teacher can select a school subject in the dropdown menu and input the final grade value for a specific student. Final GPAs are calculated and recorded in the Report Module and organized by grade level, according to the Haitian Ministry of Education’s guidelines for each term. The student’s GPAs will be checked frequently as they are the main marker for the administration of a student’s performance. The record can be saved and printed for further reference if needed.

Easily Manage Students Attendance

The school manager also includes an attendance button that allows teachers to mark students as Present, Absent, Tardy, Late, or Excused each day. Their daily attendance record, like the students’ GPAs, is saved in the Report Module and can be printed for further reference.

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