Every Restavek Girl Deserves An Education

Restavek children rarely have access to education because of the unaffordable tuition, work obligations, and age-grade policies. The few who do struggle. Malnutrition and exhaustion make focusing hard. They also have little emotional support.

These kids deserve a quality education. They should be able to properly study, socialize, and sleep.

Haiti Now is investing in an accelerated education program to develop Restavek girls’ academic, social, and professional skills. A unique learning strategy will be tailored to every child. Each plan will focus on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

The Housing & Learning Center will hold the program. Our licensed staff will have in-depth training on how to address the specific needs of Restavek girls. Beyond the classroom, our work continues through leadership programs and community-building workshops. Each girl will be enrolled in the accelerated education program with access to professionally trained teachers, books, school supplies, and computers.


Targeted Learning

Our program promotes open dialogue, self-discovery, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The curriculum is based on both traditional knowledge acquisition and inquiry-based learning.

Exceptional Instruction

Our expert staff ensures the curriculum exceeds national standards.


Daily data collection allows us to improve our instruction, operation, and management frequently.

Technological Foundation

Each girl will have access to computers, the Internet, and the latest software. Our students are potential creators in the technological world. We encourage them to be visionaries.

School Manager Application

Not only do we teach the school subjects mandated by the Haitian Ministry of Education, but also a number of electives and extracurriculars. Student progress is tracked in the School Manager Application, which every staff member has access to.

Customize School Curriculums

It has a button for curriculums, which contains the rubric for each subject’s individual units. This can be fine-tuned into general objectives and specific objectives. Within a specific objective, the teacher can see all the students enrolled and assign grades.

Easily Track Student Performance

Final GPAs are calculated and recorded in the Report module and organized by grade level, according to the Haitian Ministry of Education’s guidelines. These are checked frequently to assess student performance. The records can be easily saved and printed for further reference.

Easily Manage Students Attendance

The school manager has an attendance button that allows teachers to easily mark students as Present, Absent, Tardy, or Excused. Their attendance record is also saved in the Report module. It can be printed in the same way.

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