Ayiti Now Corp is an All-Volunteer Organization currently running its operations with Volunteer Staff. We have many micro-volunteers donating time and skills. On 08/31/2016 we passed the 200 volunteers!





Ayiti Now Corp All-Volunteer Organization

CEO & Founder: Alex Lizzappi


Alex Lizzappi

Alex Lizzappi has more than 20 years of experience in the apparel industry. Prior to founding Ayiti Now Corp Mr. Lizzappi was a private investor in equity markets. He started Ayiti Now Corp in 2010. He served in the role of chief executive officer since 2010. During his leadership he has implemented the School Book Bank program.
“At Ayiti Now Corp I am responsable for all financial, operational, administrative and legal aspects’ of the daily organizational management of the NPO. Which includes but is not limited to annual fund development, public relations and marketing, sound management of all fiscal resources, supervision of an established program, staff, and business operations in accordance with standard business practices. I will also act as liaison with national, state, regional and local organizations, and coordinate the contributions of diverse groups of trustees, donors, staff, volunteers and community groups. In addition, I assist in defining priorities to build and develop teamwork between the NPO and community volunteer leaders, implement and ensure program and fiscal accountability.”