Dollar value of donations Foundations
Year Cash In-Kind Salesforce
2010 $9,030      
2011 $2,806      
2012 $5,268 $15,102   $2,500
2013 $4,355 $12,550 $5,000  
2014 $6,133 $1,200    
2015 $2,828 $1,800    
2016/8/31 $516 $1,500    

February 2017 Mission to Haiti

December 2014 Mission To Kenya

July 2016 Mission to Haiti

September 2014 Mission To Haiti

July 2015 Mission To Haiti

October 2013 Mission To Haiti

The primary objective was to distribute the textbooks to the recipients restavek. As always I looked for new opportunities to serve the recipients of Ayiti Now Corp. (read more on October 2013 Mission To Haiti)


July 2014 Mission To Haiti

September 2012 Mission To Haiti

This mission was an important milestone in terms of the number of textbooks we manage and the number of recipients restavek we serve.  (read more on September 2012 Mission To Haiti)


July 2013 Mission To Haiti

November 2011 Mission To Haiti

The Book Bank has more then 800 school books, cataloged by title, price, purchase date, recipient name, recipient grade and distribution date. Principals, teachers, parents, relatives and recipients are directly contributing to the survival of the school books. (read more on November 2011 Mission To Haiti)


July 2012 Mission To Haiti

Mr. Edmond, a teacher in St. Marc, has invested his time and knowledge for the past 12 years educating poor children and restavek in the 6th grade. Regardless of the paycheck and the limited or non-existing didactic material, he has consistently worked towards improving his students ability to succeed. (read more on July 2012 Mission To Haiti)


November 2010 Mission to Haiti

We are very excited about the Ayiti Now Corp School Book Bank. Last week we delivered the first School Books and started new assessments for new recipients and restavek. (read more on November 2010 Mission To Haiti)


July 2010 Mission to Haiti

Ayiti Now Corp is energized about the upcoming trip and working feverishly to get everything in order. (read more on July 2010 Mission To Haiti)



January 2010 Medical Mission To Haiti

On January 2010 immediately after the televised earthquake, it became natural to focus on the medical emergency. Many people had a desire to help. Uchenna Aningo, a practicing physician assistant, merged her skills with many other health care providers willing and ready to go to Port-au-Prince. (read more on January 2010 Medical Mission To Haiti)


March 2009 First Visit To Haiti

In March 2009, Alex Lizzappi and Uchenna Aningo while vacationing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic against all advice from family and friends, armed with curiosity and a bit of courage, traveled 12 hours by local bus transportation to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sister nation, within the island of Hispaniola. (read more on March 2009 First Visit To Haiti)