How can I fundraise directly for Ayiti Now Corp?

You can create a fundraising team of friends and family please email us for details.

How can I help if I do not have a lot to give?

We have volunteering opportunities and other ways for you to get involved.

How can I make a donation?

Please visit the donate page

How can I opt-out of Ayiti Now Corp mailings, phone calls and/or email?

Please email us at with subject line REMOVE

How can you harness innovative solutions and technologies?

The future of education has an increasing role for Information Communication Technologies which will lower the cost and increase the quality of quality education. We are developing an ICT strategy to initially train the teachers and later to be integrated into the school curricula.

How Do I donate stock or other financial instruments?

Please email us at

How do I participate on a planned mission?

We welcome you to join us during our missions, keep in mind that we have limited opportunities. Please email us for details.

How do I request a tax receipt? Are donations tax-deductible?

We are a 501(c)(3) NPO. All donations are tax deductible. Please email us at

How do you deliver the school books into the hands of the students?

We personally deliver the textbooks and log every distribution in a database. Guardians, parents, teachers, relatives are scheduled at particular dates to meet with us and pick up the school books.

How do you determine the students?

The schools we work with have an established reputation of serving the poor, restavek, and orphans in the community. We also personally visit the children’s households to interview the guardians.

How do you determine what school books are needed?

We work with the teachers, the principals, the publishers to identify the best selection of textbooks compliant with the Haitian Board Of Education curriculum.

How do you retrieve the school books?

At the end of the school year with the help of the teachers we retrieve all the textbooks from each student and log the inventory into a database.

How much of my donation actually goes to help the poor and  how will you use it?

Ayiti Now Corp is an all volunteer organization with zero fixed cost overhead, so 100% of your donation goes towards educational programs.

How was the School Book Bank program started?

The educational programs started after observing a severe shortage of didactic material and diffuse illiteracy. We started with 75 textbooks.

How do you provide training to the teachers?

Free French and Creole classes are organized with proper materials, testing and qualified instructors. In-depth analysis of each textbook is provided during seminars organized by qualified instructors. Pedagogic training is formulated and customized based on classrooms inspections by qualified professionals.

How will your organization know if you are making progress?

The educational programming is focused on objectives and results which are guiding benchmark of progress as well as improvements. Enrollment rates, attendance, literacy to grade level and graduation rates are the most important measure of progress.


What affects the most children?

Poverty, malnutrition, lack of healthcare and illiteracy have the largest effect on the children of Haiti. Education has the ability to increase economic development and political awareness, foster prosperity and demand better protection of legal rights. Education compensates for social inequalities and the feeling of social exclusion. Growing an educated population diminishes the power of authoritarian elites who have  no interest in implementing democratic institutions that would dilute their power.

What curriculum do you use?

Ayiti Now Corp coordinates teachers, principals and publishers to formulate the best selection of textbooks compliant with the curriculum approved by the Haitian Board Of Education.

What is your relationship with the teachers and directors of the schools?

We are an independent organization providing assistance. The relationship is based on transparency, synergy and mutual objectives. When possible we seek board membership. The teachers and principals are employees of the school.

What other organizations do you work with?

The healthcare and vaccinations are generously provided by Zanmi Lasante and “Partners In Health”.

What research or evidence did you use to design your programs?

All the programs are the result of direct observation, testing, evaluation and dialogue with the recipients.


Why do you purchase school books?

Our aim is to increase access to quality education, which increases literacy and leads to higher graduation rates. Textbooks or other appropriate didactic content are fundamental vehicles needed to accomplish our mission.

Why Haiti?

Haiti’s rate of extreme poverty inspired the formation of this organization. After personally witnessing the state of affairs in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake it became morally compelling to participate in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Why should I donate to Ayiti Now Corp?

We believe that the short term, long term and the ongoing policy should be focused on providing free access to quality education. This is especially important for primary and secondary education for marginalized children of poverty. All of our efforts work towards quality education. We diligently stretch every dollar the extra mile and leverage our recipients resources to resolve their problems. We are transparent, efficient, lean and impactful.

Why should I trust your charity?

We are committed to results. We measure the success of our programs. The extensive data we collect as a result of our work clearly shows our progress. The equation between resources deployed and recipients assisted will always meet your expectations. We personally manage all the financial resources to avoid waste. Our programs are tested, operational, established and growing.  And we’re still small enough that it’s easy for anyone to watch our children’s successes.

Why care about Haiti?

We care about the marginalized children of poverty. We have made careful, clear  promises to our Haitian recipients that we intend to continue to deliver our assistance until they become self sufficient, which is the real goal, and then we will consider other parts of the world.


When do you deliver the school books?

The school books are delivered at the beginning of the school year, which is usually September or October.

When do you retrieve the school books?

The textbooks are retrieved at the end of the school year, usually June or July.


Ayiti Now Corp programs in Haiti Restavek Education


Where can you make the greatest change?

Anywhere there are under-educated children of poverty. Currently we are working in Saint Marc, Haiti. We have established solid relationships and a good understanding of the community and their resources there. We will continue to expand the reach of our programs from this center.

Where do you buy the school books?

The textbooks are purchased in Haiti. Most distributors or publishers are based in Port Au Prince.



Who do you serve?

We aim to serve orphans, restavek , and marginalized children of poverty.

Who is helping?

Donors, friends, family, volunteers, sponsors and supporters, Partners In Health, Haiti.

Ayiti Now Corp programs in Haiti Restavek Education

Any Question?

Please contact us!

Ayiti Now Corp programs in Haiti Restavek Education