6me Anne F. Ecole Aemsa Resultat De L’Examen D’Etat – Saint Marc, Haiti

Why we need to support the Book Bank Program

Ayiti Now Corp has maintained the Book Bank at Aemsa for the past 4 years. Notoriously the enrolments in 5th and 6th grade are much lower than the lower grades; one accomplishment of the Book Bank has been the one of providing a major incentive, for the families and for the children, to enroll at Aemsa, because all the textbooks are provided for free. Year over year the number of enrollments in 6th grade has grown from 8 students in 2010-11 to 23 students in 2013-14. The overall quality of the teaching and learning experience has considerably improved because of consistent teacher training and the Book Bank program as a result the percentage of graduations is getting higher.