• What Do We Do?

    With Your Donations Ayiti Now Corp Is Providing Access To Education For Marginalized Children In Poverty And Continuing Education For Their Teachers. Please Donate Now!

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    Access To Information Empowers Individuals To Make Choices. Your Donation Is Fighting Illiteracy By Funding Access To Education, Please Donate Now!

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    Education Now!

    Imagine A 13 Years Old Unable To Read. Imagine A Child Working As A Servant For Food And Shelter. Every Hour Counts, Please Donate Now!

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    Our Recipients

    Extreme Poverty Impairs Human Potential. Children Became Vulnerable To Oppression, Dehumanization And Exploitation. Let's Stand-Up For Them. Please Donate Now!

  • Ayiti Now Corp Book Bank

    School Book Bank

    The Book Bank Program Provides Textbooks To Children in Poverty. With Your Donations We Made Over 5700 Distributions To 540 Children. Please Donate Now!

  • Teachers Training

    Your Donations are Supporting Teachers By Providing Access To Continuing Education, Pedagogy Training And E-Learning. Help A Teacher Succeed, Please Donate Now!

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    Health Awareness

    The Awareness Campaigns Focus On Nutrition, Sanitation, Hygiene, Mentoring and Facilitate Medical Screenings And Vaccinations. Please Donate Now!

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Since 2010 we made over 5700 textbook distributions to 540 marginalized children in poverty. This program is focused on increasing academic achievement, graduation rates, and quality education. Read about our progress .



Provides teachers‘ access to specialized training, pedagogy, didactic material, seminars, continuing education and financial bonuses. We are developing an Information and Communication Technologies strategy to assist teachers in the classroom.



This program’s aim is to increase awareness about the importance of nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, mentoring, vaccinations and health screeningLearning is crucial for development and one of the most powerful tools to break the cycle of poverty.